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About Us

We specialized in:

Oldies ~ Rock & Roll
Original Tunes

As of September 17th, 2003... the Jefferson Bus Stop was taken off the bus route! Yes, it's true, our band had to end the rockin' oldies at this time.

Please be on the lookout for us individually or collectivly in the future!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU to everyone who supported us and cheered us on. We love you guys!

We'll keep the site up for a bit longer.

The "Jefferson Bus Stop" band originally formed in early 2001 to perform at Border's Books and Music in Metairie for a Louisiana Songwriters Association function. They were very well received and decided to keep the jam in motion! Since then the lineup of players has changed a bit... but they are going strong! Two of the band members write original songs, which are performed in addition to Oldies - Rock & Roll - Pop - Rhythm & Blues and Country. For Christmas they perform a classic set of popular standards and two holiday originals called, "What I Love About Christmas," and "Rock And Roll Christmas."

Our band members are: Cath Wilson, Jeremy Deubler, Connie Zimmermann & Adam Hayward. (Click here to meet them...)

Click here to read the lyrics of our theme song,
"The Jefferson Bus Stop Boogie!"