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What I Love About Christmas
© 1998 Constance A. Zimmermann  
Performed by   The Jingle Janglers

"A new, bright and family oriented Christmas Carol.  
Really fun to sing for the whole family.  

We hope that it will become a Christmas classic!"


The Jingle Janglers

The Jingle Janglers
(Left to Right)  
Aunt Connie - Tyler - Everett - Logan - Uncle Roger
Connie & Roger have been happily married since 1986.  
The handsome young men in the group are their wonderful nephews.

WOW!! Our song has been featured on a fun CD ornament project, which will benefit the victims of Katrina in St. Bernard Parish.



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If you have I-Tunes installed on your computer, purchase the track for 99 cents plus tax. Just search Jingle Janglers and you'll find it in the
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Read an excellent and beautifully crafted REVIEW of our song by Richard Banks who hosts ChristmasReviews.com, click HERE  (You can buy the CD Single there too!)

Read a very sweet article that appeared in The Times Picayune by Christine Bordelon (our favorite journalist!)

Thanks so much to Bernie Cyrus for your interest and help in getting this song played on WTIX 690AM!


What I Love About Christmas
Words & Music© 1998 C.A. Zimmermann

Vocals by: (in order of appearance)

Connie Zimmermann
Tyler Baudean
Everett Baudean
Logan Baudean
Roger Shah

Acoustic Guitar & Bass Guitar:
Scott Campbell

Electric Guitar:
Logan Baudean

Sleigh Bells:
Everett Baudean

Recorded at:
Festival Recording Studio - Kenner, Louisiana, U.

CD Mastered by:
Parker Dinkins, MasterDigital Corp. - New Orleans, LA U.S.A.

CD Manufacturing and Graphic Art by:
Diana Thornton, Crescent Music Services,

CD Tray photo by:
 Walter M. Cook, Kenner, LA U.S.A.


What I Love About Christmas
© 1998  Constance A. Zimmermann

Black text = Grown-ups only
Red text = Kids only

Green text = Kids and Grown-ups together

Navy text = Daddies only


 1st Verse
I'll tell you what I love about the Christmas season
Here are lots of reasons and they're all from the heart
Making Christmas decorations 'round the kitchen table
Just before Thanksgiving is a good way to start.

  1st Chorus
Hand me the crayons and the glitter too
Pass me the scissors please, and then the glue
I'll draw a chubby little tummy for Santa Claus
I'll make one hundred ornaments
before I pause

  2nd Verse
Drinkin' egg-nog like it's going outta style
While putting up the tree and stringin' the lights
Stepping outside to see our house lit up
Riding through the neighborhood, enjoying the sights.

 2nd Chorus
I love the feelings of Christmas
I love making shopping lists
I love hanging tree decorations
I love to get a mistletoe kiss

Brief instrumental

   3rd Verse
The morning of Christmas is a special time
Shiny new bikes rolling down the lane
The mommies are a-cooing over new baby dolls
Daddy's workin' hard to build the toy train.

    3rd Chorus
A holiday dinner prepared with love
yummy brown gravy over Real Mashed Potatoes

see the daddies nap after they're done eating

while the mommies and the kids play a game

4th Verse
Tree ornaments that have a special meaning
Looking for a snowflake from above
Another thing I cherish about each Christmas
Is singing Christmas Carols with the ones I love.

 4th Chorus
I love the feelings of Christmas
I love making shopping lists
I love hanging tree decorations
I love to get a mistletoe kiss

    Final Verse - slowly
Sparkling little faces so full of joy
Looking for a snowflake from above
A gift I really cherish a - bout this season
Is singing Christmas Carols with the ones I love.

    Final Chorus - faster and robustly
la la la la la la la la (to the tune of   I LOVE THE FEELINGS OF CHRISTMAS)
la la la la la la la (to the tune of   I LOVE MAKING SHOPPING LISTS)
la la la la la la la la la (to the tune of   I LOVE HANGING TREE DECORATIONS)
la la la la la la la la la (to the tune of   I LOVE TO GET A MISTLETOE KISS)

the guys at the mic

These are the wonderful guys who provided vocals for the song.  They are (left to right)  Everett, Tyler, Roger & Logan.  They did a great job (and let me tell you, it is very nerve-wracking to go into a recording studio and sing a song!)  

It was also pretty neat because it really was just like it is on TV.  We had to wear headphones and sing behind a big glass window.  I (Connie) was in another room singing my part.  It was an experience we will all remember forever.  I love those Jingle Janglers!  We were asked to perform our song at a local Christmas Caroling event, which was nerve-wracking too, but very fun! We ended up performing for several years at different holiday outdoor events.

Everett in the studio with the SLEIGH BELLS!

Everett was 12 years old at the recording of this song in December 1998.  He played trumpet in the T.H. Harris Middle School band, and was getting ready to march and play in his first Mardi Gras Parade.  

A great student, and was acutely interested in the space program.  

He provided not only vocals for the song, but also did an outstanding job on the Sleigh Bells.  His is the second young voice you hear in the song.  We love you Everett!

Logan in the studio

Logan was 10 years old when we recorded the song in December of 1998.  He was Vice President of his school student counsel that year.  He has been keenly interested in music since the age of three or so, and was doing great in his electric guitar lessons.

He provided not only vocals for the song, but also electric guitar.  His future plans include a college degree in music to be followed by a successful career in music.  His is the third young voice you hear in song.  We love you Logan!

Tyler in the studio

Tyler was 8 years old when we recorded the song, and an outstanding student in his elementary school.  

At that time, he aspired to be a professional football player, and still really enjoys sports.  

He provided vocals for our song, and is the first young voice you hear in the song.  He handled the studio experience very nicely, and looks darn good behind that mic!  We love you Tyler!

About Uncle Roger

Roger Shah is the dearest husband of Connie Zimmermann.  They married in 1986 and have had a happy and interesting marriage since then.  Roger grew up in Mumbai, India (formally called Bombay) and in addition to English, speaks Indian languages called Gujarati and Hindi.  He got his college degree in India in Commerce, and did some additional studies in Cost Accounting.  At the time of this recording, he was an automobile sales rep, selling GMC, Pontiac, Buick & Ford for Don Bohn Autoplex in Harvey, Louisiana.  Roger was 41 when we recorded the song. He is now the Finance Director of the GMC, Pontiac & Buick dealership.

Roger has a beautiful and super-smart daughter named Kalindi who lives in India with her loving mother.  

Roger became an American Citizen in 1993 and is probably one of the most proud and patriotic citizens you could meet. He loves this country and it's cultures and it's cause.  He is also pleased and proud to be from India. (Connie wrote a song about him called, "A Proud American.")

Roger's singing voice presented a unique challenge for our carol, due to the interesting mix of Indian & American styles he combines.  Because of this reason, he was only able to take one line... BUT IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT LINE!!!

We love you Roger!


About Connie

Connie Zimmermann was 39 when this song was recorded in December 1998.  Connie and Roger have been happily married since 1986 and have had a lot of fun working on the song.  Connie was given a piano for her 8th birthday by her loving parents, and although not an accomplished musician, has loved music ever since.  She played clarinet and oboe in the school band and has been attempting to learn acoustic guitar for the last 20+ years! (She is now an electric bass player.)

Connie wrote the words and music to this song during some much needed rest and relaxation while in between jobs.  She works in the computer business and had just finished off  8 1/2 years as computer manager for a local hospital pharmacy. While taking the break from work, she had the opportunity to spend some fun time with her highly loved nephews while they were on their Thanksgiving break from school.  Together they spent time making Christmas decorations ('round the kitchen table) and visiting.  The circumstances inspired the song, and the desire to give her nephews a neat and fun experience led to recording it.  She and Roger also definitely considered it a neat and fun experience!


We were invited to perform at the special event called "Cruiz-In the Oaks", which was the Celebration in the Oaks pre-opening event in City Park in New Orleans, specifically designed for motorcycle riders.  The riders were given the exclusive opportunity to take the driving tour of the park, and then stop in at a party where there is food and entertainment such as Blanch Newsome & THE JINGLE JANGLERS!

You may be wondering who the new Jingle Jangler is on the left side of the photo.  She is Susan Bonham, who is a local singer and aspiring songwriter, who was kind enough to participate because Roger couldn't be there that night.  She sings and plays acoustic guitar.  She has been named an "honorary Jingle Jangler."
Thank you Susan!

The littlest person in the photo is a friend who joined us on stage and sang our second set with us.  Her name is Aleesa.  She was a very cute addition to our performance!

For more information about The Jingle Janglers or "What I Love About Christmas," please feel free to contact:

Z-Yes! Publishing
P.O. Box 641203
Kenner, Louisiana 70064-1203

(504) 443-5390