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Submission Form

Dear Visitor,

I am developing this database in an effort to "help us help ourselves." Some of the most effective and important healthcare information I have found for myself, is from other people sharing their healthcare experiences and observations with me. I also read extensively about health conditions my family and I have, which has also proven to be valuable time spent.

My personal opinion is that a database such as this, will give people (who are interested) an additional resource when they are trying to improve their health.

My Guidelines:
I will review each submission and only add the ones I feel are appropriate for this site. I may have to edit your submission, so that it will fit my format. If you find that I have edited it too much, please let me know.
If I deem that an entry may be perceived as an effort to "sell" a product, I may include the entry but not include the product name, but instead use a generic description.
If I have to reject your submission, I will let you know.
Please give me a few weeks to get the information posted.

Thanks for your time and interest in this topic. I hope that something on this page has some value to you.

... Connie

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